About Us


Our Mission

Creating the best place to save and invest with latest trading technology and to increase global users with full trust and reliability. We are creating the best place to build wealth makes PROFIT CITY FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS LIMITED to become reliable source of passive income for investors by making lending program succeed and increase value of our services. Thus, investors can build wealth from our expertise in multi trading platforms. We are dedicated to improve our clients understanding; education and access to analytical tools to best equip them on risks and opportunities of trading in order for them to have the greatest success.

Management Team

PROFIT CITY FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS LIMITED is an International Trading and Wealth Management Company formed by a team of expert traders, portfolio and wealth management financial consultants, having vast experience of Forex, Crypto and Stocks Trading, having all the necessary permissions/licenses to conduct this business and successfully managing an excellent investor’s portfolio across the world since 2010. We also have our own software developments and trading algorithms, which enable us to considerably improve the efficiency of transactions and reduce the time required to study market trends to make the most optimal trading decisions.

World’s Fastest Growing Platform for Real Financial Freedom

PROFIT CITY FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS LIMITED is world’s fastest growing, most profitable and highly trusted holding company that owns multiple businesses and specializes in arbitrage robots trading, block chain based platforms crypto trading of Bitcoin and all altcoins and investment in stock market in worlds biggest IT based companies. We are a team of highly qualified Financial Analysts, Asset Managers, Marketers and Crypto Traders, reuniting our talents to conceptualize and develop innovative and profitable solutions for 100% risk free Trading. Our objective is to provide our community with products to help them build their wealth and reach financial independence and prosperity. We owned business centers in UK, Hong Kong and Japan etc and have an aim to create the biggest and innovative community of financial experts and entrepreneurs in the world.